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Fish Anglers, Join The World Fishing League - Catching Fish for Game and Sport!

PO Box 18484 - Minneapolis, MN 55418-0484 - Phone: 651.645.3486


Welcome to The World Fishing League

Big Fish Anglers who join The World Fishing League, are dedicated to catching fish for game and sport, enjoying the great outdoor fishing experience.  No matter what your method of catching fish is, our fishing league has the best resources for you to learn more about the skill of fishing.

The World Fishing League was created for the men, women and children of all ages who love catching fish.
Our Fishing League is comprised of it's members and sponsored businesses.  The World Fishing League sponsors related tournaments, keeps tournaments statistics, and honors members for outstanding big fish catches on our bragging board.

In addition, fish anglers can move through the World Fishing League rankings to achieve master status with individual or multiple species of fish, and with luck, eventually enter Our Hall of Fame.